AJKIP Yachts är ej längre aktiva som återförsäljare av segel och motorbåtar i Sverige. Vänligen vänd dig till Moody Yachts eller Fjord Yachts för mer information.

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The Fjord 36 Open has most of the features of it’s larger brothers including a spacious open deck as well as an integrated cabin with a king size bed, toilet and shower. The cockpit galley has everything you would expect including a generous refrigerator, making cooking and serving drinks a delight.

The hull has all the clean and sophisticated hallmarks of the Fjord designs, and the Bimini Hard Top gives the boat a sense of simple, expressive elegance.

Two Volvo diesels give speeds up to 42 knots matched with superb handling and sea keeping plus the ease of joystick docking for those tight spaces. The driving pleasure never ends.

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